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Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:00

votingOceana conducted its ‘People’s Referendum’ on Wednesday February 29th where people came out to vote on the issue of offshore drilling. From our point of view, the entire exercise was filled with problems. Nonetheless it was held.

So as to make the point, the Guardian kept in touch with one individual from Belize City, who travelled to Stann Creek and as an experiment, all his own, he decided to test the veracity of the referendum. His idea was to see how many times he could vote between Belize City and Stann Creek. Along the way, he documented his experiment taking pictures. By the time he was done he had voted 5 times.

The first stop was in Belize City at Brodies on the Northern Highway. There, he was allowed to vote simply by saying his name. He said that he told those running the election that he did not want to dip his finger in the ink and was allowed to proceed. He then went to La Democracia where again he was allowed to vote.  Again, he did not want to dip his finger but still he was allowed to vote. This time however, he was given an Oceana T-shirt, which he donned into two other polling stations. His next stop was the Valley Community where his finger was checked and he had to dip his finger. He then went on to Dangriga Town where he voted again, despite the fact that he had ink on his finger. No doubt, the fact that he had on an Oceana T-Shirt allowed him the privilege of-forgive the pun-Sdouble dipping in the ink and voting again. Our travelling voter told us that he managed, on his way back to Belize City, to once again vote in Belmopan. Unfortunately, he did not take a picture of this last time so we are limited to showing off 4 pictures of the same individual voting in the same process.

We did not ask our voting hero what his inclination was but his exercise surely proved that the entire process has no real merit. In fact by him voting 5 times, it clearly points that this “People’s Referendum” will truly be one of those exercises, which will be placed in electoral manuals on ‘how not to conduct an election.’