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Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:00

The People’s United Party is on an all-out campaign of violence. That was demonstrated on three occasions over the past weekend.

In the first instance, on Saturday February 25th, PUP supporters, who lined up in front of the house of the Corozal South West PUP Standard Bearer in San Narciso Village, stoned buses as they passed in a motorcade. One of those persons, who was stoning the buses was identified to be a female teacher of Escuela Mexico.

In another instance, a PUP supporter chopped three people at a rally being held by the UDP in the village of Los Tambos in the Cayo District on Sunday February 26th. During the rally, three PUP supporters rode their motorcycles in the gathering, taunting the crowd. When they were asked to desist one of them pulled out a machete and chopped three persons. One UDP supporter was chopped to the arm, another was chopped to the neck and a third received injuries to the head. The culprit has since been charged with wounding. During the entire episode one of the PUP supporters also broke the windshield of Hon. Elvin Penner’s vehicle.

There are other instances of violence being incited by the PUP but the UDP will not be dragged into this kind of politics. Our people are keeping it clean and respectful.