Galen University’s Shameful Campaign Tactics Print E-mail
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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:00

Numerous students of Galen University have complained to the Guardian that the school is operating as a base for the People’s United Party. The first report reached the Guardian three weeks ago when one student called to say that staff members were handing out PUP wristbands from out of the main office. There were no pictures to verify the report; thats why, the Guardian let that one slide. However, more students have come forward to express their frustration due to the campaign tactics of the faculty and staff of the institution.

Scholarship students, who wish to remain anonymous, feel that they are being pressured to support the People’s United Party. One student said that she was asked to take part in the rehearsal and recording of a song. She was offended when she got the lyrics saying “We will vote for the PUP.” She decided to opt out of the project but is worried about the possibility of losing her scholarship.

Another student said that the university has promoted a pro-PUP atmosphere for a long time now. He said that lecturers of the school find every opportunity to bash the government in class. He has had to defend the government’s policies on several occasion and point out lecturers’ misrepresentation of the facts. The student said that he has no problem being the “government’s defender” at the school; he says however, that the school should not be used as a campaign headquarters. He values the quality of education at the school but says that he can no longer tolerate their political agenda and has no choice but to resign.

Several other complaints have been submitted including allegations that PUP messages are being circulated with the university’s song as the background. The school choir has also developed multiple PUP songs. The school’s agenda is clear and their methods are so distasteful that students are looking into the option of contacting the university’s foreign partners to put a stop to the offensive actions.

GALEN UNIVERSITY needs to stop playing politics.