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Thursday, 08 March 2012 00:00

GuishanyOn Wednesday March 29th Profile Jewelry located at the Commercial Center in the heart of downtown Belize City was robbed at knife and gunpoint. The culprits managed to get away with 691 pieces of jewelry, over 0 in cash and two cellphones.

Less than a week later police arrested and charged 22-year-old Guishany Wagner, who claims he is an employee with CYDP, and a resident of Istell Street in the City along with 27-year-old Alfredo Petillo, a Barber of #13 Progress Street Orange Walk Town.  The two appeared in Court #2 before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer where they were charged with three counts of robbery.  Due to the value of the heist and because a firearm was used no plea was taken from the men and they were denied bail. They were then remanded to the Belize Central Prison until April 18.

 Wagner and Petillo were jointly charged with three counts of robbery- for allegedly robbing Edwin Garnett at knife and gunpoint of 691 pieces of gold and silver jewelry valued $155,503.44 along with $130.00 in cash, the property of Jacqueline Gutierrez.    They were additionally charged with a second count of robbery for allegedly stealing from Edwin Garnett, a Motorola cell phone value $250, $65 in cash , his driver’s license value $40, all to a total of $355.00. And a third count of robbery for allegedly stealing an LG touch screen cellphone value $399.00, the property of Sheena Harriage.

In court, the men were unrepresented.  Before leaving, Wagner told the court that he was beaten by police.  He claimed that he was detained from Friday of last week and that he was not taken to Belize City Queen Street Police Station until Sunday where he claimed he was badly beaten by police officers whose name he never got but knows their faces.  He said that the officers who are from CIB choked him and when he refused to participate in an identification parade, he was refused visits by relatives who came by the station to see him. Due to his injuries, he was unable to eat and when requested to be taken to the hospital he was denied.  Before leaving the court, Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer ordered that Wagner be taken first to the hospital before being taken to prison. 

 In a report to police, Edwin Garnett, 26, an employee and Salesman of Profile Jewelry reported to police that whilst at Profile Jewelry Shop located at the Commercial Center, two men entered, one armed with a knife, the other with a firearm and robbed them.   The men managed to escape with jewelry pieces from the glass case and also his personal belongings including his cellphone, cash and driver’s identification.  They also robbed Sheena Harriage of her cellphone as she was also present inside the shop at the time.