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Thursday, 08 March 2012 00:00

EnriqueOn Monday March 5th a former worker at Centaur Cable Company saw a theft charge dismissed against him in the Belize City Magistrate’s court after a submission was made by his attorney.

 In May 2011, 35-year-old Enrique Depaz, who once worked as a Collecting Agent with the cable company was charged with a single count of theft from his workplace but on Monday, the date set for final trial it could not start. The court prosecutor was requesting another adjournment in the matter due to the uncertainty of whether or not the summons was served to the witness in the case.  However, Depaz’s attorney, Dickie Bradley submitted that on the last occasion, he noted that the benefit was given to the prosecution witnesses and another adjournment was granted to make sure that fairness is exercised to all and for the prosecutor to get her witnesses to court. Bradley argued that in all fairness to his client, he asked the court to consider striking out the matter for there is no evidence to substantiate the charge of theft against his client.  He submitted that his client is charged with theft of money from his former employer but the disclosure is stating that a receipt book and money was recovered.  He further submitted that the meaning of theft is to deprive a person of something.  In this case, no theft can be proven since the police had found his client in possession of a receipt book and the cash as he was still collecting money during his arrest. 

He asked the court to strike out the matter as Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez who believed that it was unfair to have the accused coming back and forth to court and decided to dismiss the matter. She informed the accused that the matter can be brought back against him in the future.

The court prosecutor was hoping for another adjournment in the matter for April to hopefully have her witness present in court.   Depaz was accused of stealing $4,500.00 in cash from his former employer at Centaur Cable Company.