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Thursday, 15 March 2012 00:00

For a political party that unreservedly stated that it was broke, the PUP sure was able to muster a lot of ‘mula’ in an effort to try and buy the electorate on March 7th. There were money mules walking around the entire country, lopsided carrying bags and bags of money. And voters felt the power of money on election days as specific constituencies were particular targets for the PUP’s money politics.

The entire South gave way to the PUP’s money; the Northern Districts suffered with 5 constituencies falling to the PUP’s money and in Cayo it was two of the six. The only district that maintained was the Belize district and in particular Belize City where 8 of 10 constituencies proved that money can’t buy love. But there was one sobering reality here, however, as Lee Mark, as hard working, energetic and popular as he was, was unable to fend off to the big bucks of his opponent.

In the end, it was money versus morality and morality won- albeit by a narrow margin. The UDP has done so well in the past administration that it was almost unbelievable that it won by such a narrow margin. Nonetheless the pro-people policies of the United Democratic Party will continue. And the service that the UDP has proven it can deliver to Belizeans will also continuem unabated.

And even as the UDP maintains the course, the PUP simply does not get it! With all the millions upon millions that they doled out in the elections, they were in shock that they simply could not buy this election. So illogical had they become that there was talk that they wanted to challenge the election of two seats in the Cayo district. Well to them the message must be sent: elections are over and the UDP is back in office. Wheel and come again in 2017!