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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 15 March 2012 00:00

Darrell Bradley Addresses CITCO StaffThe new Mayor and Councilors of the Belize City Council will be sworn in on Friday, March 16, which is 9 days after the Municipal Elections. For the Mayor -elect, Darrell Bradley, the work of his administration cannot be delayed that long. No one would have quarreled if he had chosen to take an extended vacation after months of campaigning. He then went through the longest Election Day in recent history but Darrell Bradley chose not to rest. He has been in countless meetings since winning the Mayoral race but he considered his meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 14, to be the most important of all.

On Wednesday afternoon,   Darrell Bradley and his elected Council met with the staff of the Belize City Council for the first time since the elections. The meeting was held at the Central Assembly of God Church on Freetown Road. Pastor Eugene Crawford hosted the gathering and prayed for the Council. Dr. Alain Gonzalez, Bernard Q. Pitts Jr. and Alifa Elrington-Hyde took the opportunity to introduce themselves to staff. Michael Theus introduced himself as a staff/Councilor. He encouraged others to dream just as he did to go from an employee at the Council to an elected Councilor. The returning councilors then thanked the staff for their hard work in previous years and asked that they work even harder together in the next three years. Deon Leslie said that the staff should embrace the new councilors and make full use of their expertise. He said, “We have a doctor so go to him when you’re sick (no more sick days). We have someone from BTL so go to him when you need a phone. We also have two lawyers so go to them when you are in trouble.”

The staff was attentive and respectful but also relaxed and engaged. Darrell Bradley said that the venue was important because he wants the staff to understand that he is guided by his faith in God and it was with a lot of prayer that he decided to run and won the Mayoral election. He said more leaders need to look at the leadership style of Jesus Christ. He was not about the luxuries in life. Bradley said, “It is not about the fancy cars or the other things that people have come to relate with leadership. It is all about service to the people.” Bradley explained to the staff that he accepts each and every one of them as an equal partner. He said that the best reward the Council can give to its staff is respect and appreciation. Bradley shared about his time working for Young’s Law Firm. He said that as a lawyer, there were times when he served court orders, filed papers and even cleaned the bathroom. He remembers being cursed out when delivering court orders. Bradley did all this because “to truly appreciate the role that someone plays you have to do the job at least one time.”

That appreciation shown by the Council will inspire pride in all employees. The employees are the face of the Council. They are the ones that residents see when they do business with Council. Bradley asked them to “work hard for us and challenge us to work hard for you”. He announced that he will have an open door policy and any employee of the council can approach him and share their concern. He hopes to transform City Hall and the other offices so that employees look forward to going to work. Bradley concluded, “If we all work hard we can turn this city into the place we all want it to be.”