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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 00:00

Persons laid off by Dangriga Town CouncilThe People’s United Party continues to fire hard-working people in town councils that they control. Last week, we revealed the PUP’s plan to get rid of over 30 employees of the Orange Walk Town Council. They started right out the gate by firing a couple single mothers a day after the election. Public outrage did little to slow them down and one week later they are much closer to their magic number. By Monday, March 19, nine more employees had been fired from the council. Now, it is nothing strange for certain employees to be fired upon the change of administration. Those are employees that are top campaigners and serve on committees for the opposing party. No one will raise a finger of protest against them being fired. However, the individuals that the PUP is firing are hard-working people, who depend on their jobs to feed their family. Like ruthless mercenaries, the PUP is determined to carry out a process some in their party are calling “the cleansing”.

There is a list of people from Orange Walk, Dangriga and Punta Gorda Town that will be fired over the next few weeks because the PUP thinks they are UDP supporters. While the people of Orange Walk and Punta Gorda have not yet expressed their frustration, those in Dangriga will tolerate the victimization no longer. On Tuesday, March 20, the people of Dangriga expressed their disapproval of the PUP’s actions by protesting in front of the town hall. This was after the PUP fired several street cleaners. It was not a political protest but an exercise to secure survival. The people need their jobs and the PUP is determined to take bread out of their family’s mouth. Though the PUP tried to incite violence by calling the police to fire up the crowd, the demonstration in Dangriga was peaceful. It is not certain however, how long such peace will continue if the People’s United Party continues to fire hard-working Belizeans.

Orange Walk, Dangriga and Punta Gorda are not islands. Those people are not alone. If the PUP think they will step on the throats of our brothers and sisters in those towns and the rest of us will do nothing then they have another thing coming. If the victimization continues, an army of angry Belizeans will march to their doors and defend our brothers and sisters.