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Thursday, 29 March 2012 00:00

The People’s United Party and Yolanda Shackron continue their futile effort at somehow trying to win the General Elections after the people of Belize have decided that they don’t want that lot to be running our country.

Despite the country’s rejection of the PUP at the polls, Shackron and the PUP are going about this in a round-and-about way;they filed an application to the Supreme Court for leave to grant them an election petition. According to the PUP, Shackron who was disqualified from running in the Lake Independence constituency because she held dual nationality, should have been allowed to run.

Section 58 of the  Constitution clearly states that persons with dual nationality are not allowed to run as area representatives, but the PUP  still accepted Shackron’s application knowing or not knowing that she actually held a U.S. passport. Either she lied to them or they knew and did not want to accept that she could not run. Either way, there was some level of deception. This even after it was the very People’s United Party who mounted the greatest challenge to the UDP government when it attempted to amend the Constitution to allow for people with dual nationality to run as area representatives.

Their decision to be contentious, it seems, came back and bit them in the rear and now they have to live with their choice. Even though they knew that Shackron could not run, they still went ahead and tried to get her nominated and on February 17th, 2012, they went to the court before Justice Oswell Legall for an injunction, which could not be granted on something that had not happened. Then, they asked for a suspension of the returning officer’s decision not to allow Shackron to run; that too was rejected in the Supreme Court. That leaves them with the option of seeking an election petition, which they are asking leave to do.

Arguments were heard in the Chief Justice’s court on Monday, March 26th. For even those who are not trained in the law and legal arguments, it is a clear cut case; Shackron simply cannot run because she did not qualify. She probably being misguided by the PUP and their attorney’s simply, refuses to understand this.  After arguments, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow explained that, “the one simple issue which is an issue in this case which is does the Returning Officer have the legal capacity to decide that you are not qualified to be nominated? Justice Legall gave a decision on that point. The question is whether that decision applies to the fact that they are now seeking to litigate exactly the same issue once more before the Chief Justice now, on an election petition. So, they are different procedures, but the same issues. Did the Returning Officer have the capacity to make that determination?"

Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will have a decision on the application on Friday, March 30th.