Bribery in Freetown Elections? Print E-mail
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Thursday, 29 March 2012 00:00

Francis FonsecaThe United Democratic Party will be filing an election petition against Francis Fonseca in the Supreme Court.

We have seen how the PUP have been skirmishing around the Supreme Court with one frivolous petition in the case of Yolanda Shackron and reportedly they will be filing against two other constituencies in the Cayo district. Well, what we can say is that the PUP will definitely fail; the UDP on the other hand stands a good chance of success against Francis Fonseca.

On Thursday, March 29th the UDP will be filing an election petition after it received proof that two agents working in the Freetown division for the PUP were caught bribing voters. There is concrete proof of this and the UDP will be taking Francis Fonseca to court since he was the person running for office in that constituency.

The case will be presented in the Supreme Court on Thursday and it stands a fair chance that it will be successful.