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Thursday, 29 March 2012 00:00

Ira JonesOn Monday March 26th, two men were arraigned for separate burglary offences.

One of the burglaries occurred in the Lake Garden area of Ladyville where a teenager was charged while another teenager was charged for a Taylor’s Alley burglary in Belize City.

On February 28th, the home of 66-year-old Shelia Gentle was invaded by men, who tied her up and stole her $46,000, vehicle which was then used to help her attacker(s) to make off with over $56,000 in items from her home.

Items stolen include jewelry, a laptop computer, other appliances, cell phones and spirits.

After investigations, police laid charges of  burglary against 18-year-old Casey Lozano. He appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer where he was charged with a single count of burglary. No plea was taken from Lozano due to the quantity of the items stolen.

Because bail was an issue, the Senior Magistrate asked Lozano to give her a good reason why he should be granted bail. Lozano said that he had asked for an identification line-up and when he was placed in the line-up, the lady did not pick him out because he did not commit the offense.  He said that he is innocent and that he is not idling himself since he has a job and did not need to steal.

She offered him bail in the sum of $20,000 plus a surety of the same amount. His next court date is set for May 11. 

In the second burglary, police charged 19-year-old Ira Jones. He is accused of entering the home of Bryton Moody located in Taylor’s Alley. The incident is alleged to have occurred on March 21.
He is accused of stealing Moody’s  Black Berry cell phone from his home.

In court, Jones, who appeared before the Senior Magistrate, asked if he could explain what happened.  But he was told that he must enter a plea before explaining.
He pleaded not guilty to burglary, but was also charged with handling stolen goods.

In court, Jones explained that Moody wanted no court action against him because he claimed that  Moody said that he knew that it was not him (Jones) who stole the cell phone from his house.  According to Jones, he bought Moody’s cell phone from someone not knowing it had been stolen.

He further alleged that while in police custody, a police officer proposed to him that if he gives him $300, he will not be charged but he (Jones)  said he told him he did not steal the phone.
An equivocal plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf for that handling stolen goods charge.

A third charge of escape was also slapped upon Jones, who police claims escaped from lawful custody on Friday, March 23, wh en he was being escorted from CIB headquarters to the Patrol Branch section while being detained for burglary. In court, Jones pleaded not guilty to that charge.

 Jones was later detained by police in the river near Bottom Dollar. He had to be extracted from the water during a pursuit by police after his alleged escape from the station.

Bail was offered to Jones in the sum of $5,000 plus asurety of the same amount, which he was unable to meet because he must pay an outstanding fine of $510.  Jones’ next court date is set for May 8.