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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:00

The People’s United Party are so desperate for power that they have launched a number of applications for leave in the Supreme Court to be granted election petitions. They began with Shackaron against Hon. Mark King, which was the first to be applied for and the first to fail. Then, they went against Hon. Herman Longsworth with the same application for leave to file for an election petition, which was granted to them by Justice Michelle Arana. The third application for leave came on Tuesday when they filed against Mark King again.

The number of legal challenges to an election is unprecedented in this country and only points to one thing: the People’s United Party is hungry for power! They must have some great motivation or urgency to have the applications heard and the elections reversed or they would not be expending so much time and energy in this exercise.

What is it that interests them so much in attaining power that they will go through the process of questioning the Belizean electorate in their decision to select the United Democratic Party as the new government of Belize? Is it that they are so indebted after trying to buy the elections that they now have to figure out how to pay those who fronted the money? It is common knowledge that the People’s United Party has been accustomed to using the people’s money to pay for private investments. Are they now trying to reverse the elections because that is the only way that they can pay for the election money bonanza which they spearheaded on March 7th? Many, many, many Belizeans can attest to the fact that the PUP was spending money like it was going out of style. There are cases where people were paid up to a thousand dollars for them to vote for the PUP.

Their ploy to try to win the elections was almost successful but the greater wisdom of the people of Belize prevailed and they chose a government that would do right by them. Now the PUP is left holding the debt of the election and wondering how they will pay back. Guess what? They are now trying to overturn the election, but all  and sundry will tell them that they will fail at the courts. After all, what they are attempting to do is simply frivolous, malicious and vexatious. The courts will determine that! This, however, won’t mean that their legal claims will just go away. Quite to the contrary. They will increase exponentially all in an effort to not allow the UDP to govern. But the saying goes. “God no like ugly” and for sure the PUP fits the billing.  ­