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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:00

Kevin BernardIt is supposed to be one of the busiest revenue days of the month but instead of taking care of people who want to do business with the Orange Walk Town Council, the Mayor decided to close operations on April 2nd.

Information suggests that he wanted to do some investigation or the other at the Council. That may be all fine and good, but doing an investigation does not necessarily mean that you close down all operations of the council.  As a newsflash for the Mayor, the first week of the month and in particular the first workday is usually the busiest for any town administration. That is the case because people take time out to visit the town board and the traffic department in particular to renew their licenses for their vehicles. This week is that much more important since we are leading into a long holiday weekend and many people will be using their vehicles to get to their holiday destinations. They need to get the license in order to avoid paying a fine.

Instead of considering this, he disrupted the lives of hundreds of Orange Walk residents. And by the way, couldn’t the investigation have been done while business was ongoing? Or couldn’t he have waited until after business hours to do the investigation?

Did not anyone at the Orange Walk Town Council advise this man about that? Then again, he should not need anyone to advise him about this; this is a thing that everyone in Orange Walk, everyone except the Mayor, of course.