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Thursday, 10 May 2012 00:00

One gas station in Belize City has been proving for a year now that prices at the pump can be made cheaper if there is a concerted effort by all. Texaco Gas Station located at Mile 1 on the Northern Highway, has been offering 15 cents less on a gallon of any fuel purchased there during the week and 30 cents off on a gallon of any fuel purchased on the weekend. The big question in everyone’s mind is: how is this gas station is able to cut prices the way it does? In speaking with the managers for the station, the answer is simple, they are taking a hit on their bottom line.

As it is, gas dealers’ take on Premium is 10.25% for premium or $1.09 per U.S. gallon; 11.15% on Regular or $1.04 per U.S. gallon; 11.75% on diesel or $1.04 and 10.6% or $0.82 on kerosene. In the past, the gas dealers’ take on gas was in the region of 7% but that was negotiated up to over 10%. The government already has brought down its import duties on fuel with premium being $3.16, regular $3.05 and Diesel $2.16; there is no duty on kerosene. Then there is a $0.17 environmental tax on all the fuels. All other taxes on fuel have been eliminated.

The bottom line is that even while the world market prices of fuel cannot be controlled, there are small but meaningful ways that others can contribute to making fuel prices more bearable.