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Thursday, 10 May 2012 00:00

On Monday, May 7th, vendors at the Orange Walk Town Market looked on in complete amazement and disappointment as workers from the Orange Walk Town Council began to dismantle market booths that were just recently completed to serve as an extension for vendors in that municipality. 

The 19 stalls took two months and 25 thousand dollars to construct and in a single swoop and in what can only be termed as the council taking leave of their senses, simply began to break down the structure. According to the vendors, who were anticipating the construction of the stalls, the facility was constructed to accommodate tacos and food vendors, who are crammed in the existing market. During the inauguration former Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Phillip de la Fuente announced that the stalls would be distributed shortly. The same idea was passed on to the vendors by the current council and they were even asked to apply for space. To their dismay, however, town council employees arrived on Monday morning and began to strip the roof off the structure. There is absolutely no explanation as to why this is taking place.

When the Guardian checked on Wednesday, the destruction had only reached half way of the roof and the work was abruptly ended. Maybe the Mayor and the council came to their senses after the public in Orange Walk took to the local airwaves and lambasted them for destroying what can only be deemed as a beneficial addition to the municipality’s infrastructure. Hopefully, no one makes off with the zinc that was torn off the structure and it is replaced, and vendors can get benefit from the installations.

According to information we have gathered the facility is a good source of income, which has the potential of generating up to $1,500 monthly. It seems that the current council is not in need of any finances yet, we understand, they are quickly spending what was accumulated over years of hard work at by the former UDP council.

A word of advice to the one who calls himself the mayor of Orange Walk, “YOU NEED TO START TO THINK FOR YOURSELF.” Doing the bidding of masters will only land you in hot water. The talk of the town at this moment is that you are losing credibility by the second. Don’t be guided by foolish ideas and learn to think for yourself.