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Thursday, 10 May 2012 00:00

Elvis  BevansElvis Bevans was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment after being found guilty of keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition and keeping prohibited material.

On Sunday May 22nd,  2011, Bevans was found in possession of a 9 millimeter pistol with an extended clip as well as 19 live rounds at the corner of Neal’s Pen and Kraal Roads in Belize City.

Bevans’ case is one where he was found guilty because of doing a favor for a friend. In May of last year, 30-year-old Jermaine Garnett asked Bevans to do him a favor. Bevans was to take a gun from one location to another in order for it to be handed over to police. Shortly after he was moving the gun, police busted him.  In the trial which concluded before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, Bevans was found guilty despite the fact that evidence suggested that he had been set up. Apparently, Garnett had made a deal with the police in exchange for not having charges brought against him regarding some drugs that had been found in his car earlier on.

Elvis Bevans was set up, said the Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, and even though she noted that, she told Bevans that the reason why she found him guilty of the charge was because the prosecution proved that the items were found in his possession. On the argument of entrapment, the Chief Magistrate noted that the deal, if any, existed was between the police and Garnett. Bevans was then sentenced to three 5-year jail terms for the three offenses which are to run concurrently  with each other since the charges all arise from the one incident.

Testimonies by police officers indicated that on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at about 11:45 a.m., they were conducting patrol on Central American Boulevard heading in the direction of Jane Usher Boulevard, when their attention was drawn to Bevans, who was driving a Ford van.  Police followed the vehicle that drove to the corner of Neal’s Pen Road and Kraal Road.  There, police say they pulled over the van and the driver was identified as Bevans. He was ordered out of the vehicle and a search was conducted on him which led to the discovery of the weapon.   According to Bevans, he was taking the gun to put in through an alley on Kraal Road for his friend, Jermaine Garnett for whom he was only doing a favor.  Bevans told police that earlier that morning, he was at home when he got a call from Garnett. He went to Garnett’s home where he waited for a phone call and was told that the gun was stashed in an open lot at the corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Central American Boulevard under an almond Tree.   According to Bevans, he was supposed to take the gun to an alley through Kraal Road.According to Bevans, the GSU were to retrieve the gun from the alley.

 In his defense Bevans called his friend Garnett and Allison Williams. Garnett told the court that he was at his mother’s home when the police came for him that day in May 2011. He said he was taken into police custody and as hegot to the police station, the police threw two bags of suspected cannabis at him and told him that the illegal substance belongs to him.    In his testimony, Garnett admitted that since the police were giving him things that did not belong to him, he told them that he will give them something. That’s when he told an officer that he can give police two guns in exchange for no charges being  levied  for the allege illegal substance they claimed was his.  Garnett said that the police agreed and that’s when he called his friend Bevans to get the first gun. That same day, he also handed over a rifle which he had asked another friend, identified as Allison Williams, to get from an open lot on Boots Crescent and to put in a nearby drain. Williams admitted to doing this for Garnett that day.  Neither Garnett nor Williams were ever charged in connection with the second gun found in the drain.