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Thursday, 17 May 2012 00:00

The infamous roof with coconut palm leavesLast week, the Guardian pointed out that the Orange Walk Town Council, under the leadership of Mayor Kevin Bernard, had taken to dismantling the newly constructed extension to the Orange Walk Town Market. At the time, the workers had taken off the roof from most of the stalls but did not complete the job. At the time of us writing the article, we were hopeful that nobody would make off with the zinc roofing that had been take off the structures. Well, hopeful was all that we could have been as on Friday May 4th, the roof for the stalls was replaced. The problem however, is that we are not certain if the zinc was misplaced or just stolen, but the replacement roof had a lot to be desired.

Sending the town into the pre-Columbian era, the roof was replaced with coconut leaves. Unbelieveable as that sounds, it is true! Workers were dispatched once again to the stalls where they made quick work of throwing coconut leaves on the roof that had been ripped off. We are as baffled as everyone as to why anyone would do something like this, let alone anyone in a position of leadership.

This kind of action points to lack of vision, lack of leadership ability and just plain old stupidity. We are hard pressed to find any example that could match this kind of behaviour in Belize but we can find one that will suit Bernard well. We can begin to call him Allan Barton.