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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 31 May 2012 00:00

Shyne and Kanye on ALLHIPHOP.COM)Moses Michael Leviy, the artists known as Shyne, signed a multimillion dollar record deal with Island Def Jam Records in February of 2010. L.A. Reid flew all the way to Belize to sign the contract because “Shyne deserves that much”. At the time, Reid said that his desire to sign Shyne was not just because of the great “artiste” he is but also because of the great man Moses had become. Reid promised a huge comeback.

That was over two years and Shyne fans are still waiting. Shyne’s career has been paralyzed by his inability to travel to the United States, England and Canada. While it will be extremely difficult for anyone banned from those countries to succeed as an artist at the level Shyne had reached, it is not impossible. The rapper recently told the Huffington Post that he will release his much anticipated Gangland Street album in July of this year. Those who have never been at the top may find it difficult to understand just how far Shyne has fallen and how difficult it has been for him as he tries to climb back up. Perhaps, a documentary will help Shyne’s fans to understand the last ten years of his life. 

Shyne was recently featured in an article written by Roman Wolfe of ALLHIPHOP.COM. He was at the premiere of Kanye West’s film “Cruel Summer” in Cannes, France when he announced that he is working on a documentary entitled “Then, Now, and Forever”. The film will chronicle the last ten years of his life: time in prison, conversion to Judaism, work as Belize’s Musical Ambassador and struggle to get back in the game. The primary cause of those struggles is his inability to get back to the United States.

Throughout his life Shyne has persevered and overcome tough challenges. He has not given up on the idea of returning to the United States. There is a petition on the White House website to grant Shyne a visa. The petition requires 25,000 signatures to move forward. One can check out the petition by visiting the White House’s website link at!/petition/grant-moses-michael-levi-shyne-visa-enter-united-states-america/ZNj1DN11. Getting Shyne back in the game could open doors for many of our local artists with the ability to cross over.