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Thursday, 31 May 2012 00:00

Anthony SylverterThe Guardian had predicted from last week that the Cut and Paste Attorneys, Anthony Sylvester and Said Musa would have been unsuccessful in their bid to have an election petition heard at the Supreme Court, and we were right.

On Thursday May 24th Sylvester alone stood in the courtroom as Justice Minette Hafiz gave him the bad news that his cut and paste petition was simply not good enough for the court to proceed with through a trial. Sylvester's reaction was one would have as the air was slowly released from a balloon. His hopes to make it to the big leagues failed and the expression on his face said it all. The same cannot be said for Said Musa, who probably knew what the outcome of the trial would be and did not bother to show his face in court.

From the onset, the case was marred by irregularities and Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams explained that everyone of their efforts was simply futile. They began by going about the process of the election petition all wrong. Instead of filing for leave to have the petition heard, they filed the petition first and then asked for leave. It was all downhill from there as they applied to have their own petition hearing stayed and that failed. Then they cut and paste their original application together and attempted to pass it as a petition and that failed.
Oh, how these two must be the laughing stock of the legal community!

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