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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 07 June 2012 00:00

Ceremony in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond JubileeHis Excellency Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize, hosted a grand ceremony in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee on Monday, June 4. The ceremony followed the building and lighting of a beacon by the Scout Association of Belize. Many made their way out to the Governor General’s Field in Belmopan to take part in the extremely special occasion. Cecilia Neal Flowers, the Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacon Scouts Coordinator, said, “With the building and lighting of the beacon, Belize joins a community of countries across the UK and the globe that are commemorating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

Belize was fully involved in the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year as head of the Monarchy. In February, the Belize Postal Service launched a set of commemorative stamps. The stamps are available in 25 cents, 60 cents, 75 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollar and 5 dollar pieces. They feature official photos of Her Majesty from over the last sixty years. They were designed by CASCO Studio and printed by BDT International Security Printing Ltd., which are both internationally respected firms. There is a limited amount still available but they are going quickly. Belize was also fortunate to be visited by a member of the Royal Family as part of the Diamond Jubilee. Prince Harry was in Belize for a little longer than 24 hours as part of his tour of three Commonwealth nations: Belize, Jamaica and Barbados.

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee is extremely special because she joins Queen Victoria as one of only two British Monarchs to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. For many generations, the Queen has been the only constant symbol in the Commonwealth. She has been a symbol of dignity and humble authority. She is a figure that transcends politics and is still the most recognizable face in the world. That fact is evident from the excitement shared around the world during the Diamond Jubilee. The Queen has been touched by the out pouring of love.

In a rare address to the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth said, “The events that I have attended to mark my Diamond Jubilee have been a humbling experience. It has touched me deeply to see so many thousands of families, neighbours and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere.

But Prince Philip and I want to take this opportunity to offer our special thanks and appreciation to all those who have had a hand in organising these Jubilee celebrations. It has been a massive challenge, and I am sure that everyone who has enjoyed these festive occasions realises how much work has been involved.

I hope that memories of all this year’s happy events will brighten our lives for many years to come. I will continue to treasure and draw inspiration from the countless kindnesses shown to me in this country and throughout the Commonwealth.”