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Thursday, 07 June 2012 00:00

One of the vendors who will benefitIt was quite the spectacle as the leader of the opposition was seen profiling as the government of Belize broke ground in Dangriga for the start of work on the Belize Municipal Development Project in that municipality which will see the upgrading of the market.

He should have been ashamed to show his face there after all he had absolutely nothing to do with the project. The effort was one which was solely done by the government of Belize. In fact, the financing comes from a loan from the World Bank. This kind of lending is one that the PUP has absolutely no clue on how to access.  They are known to be squanderers and prefer to make loans from private financial institutions at murderous interest rates. For Fonseca to show himself in Dangriga is a crying shame. If it were  left to him and the People's United Party, projects like the BMDP would never get off the ground. Their tenure in office has proven that time and time again. They have never cared for the development of the country.

It is a great thing however, the UDP does care and is in fact focusing all the government's energies at improving conditions for all Belizeans. The renovation and expansion of the municipal market in Dangriga is one such example. This project will see 1.4 million dollars invested in that municipality and in the end will benefit both the people who use the facilities to make their livelihood and those who visit the facilities to purchase produce.

A little advice for Francis, stop profiling on projects you had nothing to do with.