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Thursday, 14 June 2012 00:00

Belize City Council Press ConferenceOn Tuesday June 12th,Mayor Darrell Bradley presented the Belize City Council's achievements over the past 100 days. While the presentation came three days shy of the 100 day mark, it was nonetheless impressive. 

Bradley began by explaining that immediately upon taking office the council came up with a 100-day plan of action, which would focus on improved governance, infrastructure and quality of life. By any measure, the council has been able to deliver on the three areas. The mayor said that the goal was to transform Belize City into a place where the residents were proud to live in and could boast about. He explained that what he was looking for was to implement what he called marks of quality - to establish things that could be clearly identified as marks of excellence.
Among these marks was his goal to build streets that would last, have a clean city and men and women in the council that can boast of integrity.

In the first 100 days he's well underway to delivering. In the area of governance, the council went through a transformation with the hiring of a new Director of Finance in the person of Marilyn Ordonez, and a new Chief Internal Auditor, Marilyn Garvin. Additionally, the services of external auditing firm Castillo, Sanchez & Burrell were contracted to do a full and continuous audit for the next three years of the council. An audit committee was also established with representation from both within the council as well as external representatives. Bradley said that parallel to instituting a sound financial team, the council has undertaken to hire people with the best qualifications and so far a new city engineer was also hired. That person is Camila Cardona. Added to the hiring of qualified individuals, the council has also sought to put in place mechanisms for better transparency. Included in this is the posting of the property tax roll on the council's webpage for the perusal by anybody who may be interested. Also, there have been systems put in place to continuously train the staff at CITCO.

In the area of infrastructure, the accomplishments of the 100-day old city council is unmatched. It was able to refinance a million-dollar loan with a local bank from which the council bought equipment including a backhoe, a roller, and three service vehicles. With the rest of the finances, the council undertook to upgrade a number of streets as well as pave others with either asphalt or concrete.  A total of 13 streets across the city have been included in the works. Among the streets that are either being fixed or have already been fixed are Calle al Mar, Orange Street, South Street, Daily Street, Ferrell Lane, Thomas Vincent Ramos, Holy Emmanuel, Clifton Betson, Hibiscus, Riverside, Mascal, Maurisce Bishop and Sibun Streets.

Strides in infrastructure are equally matched by those done in improving the quality of life of residents in the city. In his report, Bradley noted that the Labor for Belize initiative was hugely successful with 31 cleanup projects being implemented on that single day. He also said that so far the council has been able to plant over 100 trees across the city and over 100 lots have been bushed and cleaned. Also, the council has placed garbage containers in strategic locations across the city. The council is now moving alongside the police department to enforce against quality of life crimes including public drinking, loitering, littering and bicycle regulations.