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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 00:00

Official photo of destruction processIn March of this year, the Customs Department seized seven containers that they believed contained illegal products. Six of those containers belonged to a company called Belize Garden Consortium. Vernon Cuthkelvin is the operator of Belize Garden Consortium. He says that inside the containers are fertilizers, titanium dioxide and ammonium sulfate. Samples of the products inside the containers were sent abroad for testing and the results proved that the chemicals inside the containers were methylamine hydrochloride. Methylamine hydrochloride is not illegal in Belize. However, it is a precursor chemical for the manufacture of metamphetamines, which is an illegal and highly addictive drug called Crystal Meth.

Cuthkelvin maintains his position that he ordered fertilizers and not the chemical that was shipped. No charge could be levied against Cuthkelvin because methylamine hydrochloride is not illegal in Belize. The Customs Department may charge him for false declaration but a conviction would depend on proof that Cuthkelvin intentionally imported methylamine hydrochloride and not fertilizers.

No official charge has been levied against Cuthkelvin; however, the chemicals were destroyed. On Wednesday, June 13, law enforcement authorities destroyed the methylamine hydrochloride that was contained in the containers. There have been reports that the amount of chemicals seized could have produced up to $10 billion worth of metamphetamines.