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Thursday, 14 June 2012 00:00

The 2012 Sugar Cane crop came to a close at 9 pm on Thursday June 7.  Managing Director of BSI, Jose Montalvo, shared highlights of the crop with employees at the seventeenth AGM of BSI Employee Holdings Limited (BEH) held on Tuesday, June 12 on the Factory compound. He stated that 1,070,128.21 tons of cane was harvested producing 114,536 tons sugar. Montalvo went on to explain that this crop was an excellent one which has put back BSI on the track it once was on, with an average yearly production of 112,000 tons sugar, against the past five crops where the average was only 90,000 tons.

He then thanked the Beneficiaries of BEH for their overwhelming support at the Extraordinary General Meeting held the previous week to endorse the investment by American Sugar Refinery in BSI.  Montalvo mentioned that the sugar industry in Belize will now have a very solid future and will be able to overcome all the challenges that the industry once faced. In fact, the new investment will allow for rapid growth in both factory and field in the harvesting and processing of sugar cane. He cautioned employees not to be deluded by organizations with skewed agendas that remain focused in derailing the sugar industry. He stated that contrary to what is being propagated in some media outlets, not one share of the BEH Trust will be sold, and the Trust remains intact with all its original shares.