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Thursday, 14 June 2012 00:00

Public drinkingThe Police Department has issued a release in which it states that with immediate effect, it will be embarking on the enforcement against Quality of Life Crimes. It is specifically targeting misdemeanor crimes including: public drinking, loitering, littering and other crimes of that nature. Also targeted will be bicycle regulations, which include bicyclists riding contrary to the flow of traffic; riding bicycles without lights and reflectors at night; double riding, riding with children, who are not properly seated; and having bells and proper brakes on bikes.

Both the Police Department and the Belize City Council will go about the Quality of Life Campaign by first informing the public of what will take place. When Police will first start by issuing warnings to offenders; thereafter, persons will be fined for the crimes. The police and the Belize City Council say that the campaign will be  an ongoing one.
In its press release the police department is asking for the public support in cooperating with the police in our effort to make our community a safer place.