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Thursday, 26 July 2012 00:00

Burning in front of OAS headquartersThey call themselves COLA, the Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action and by the looks of it, they have the appropriate name, because they are always behind everything.

On Wednesday, July 25th, the COLA, all four of them, were in Belmopan supposedly to protest against a statement, which was issued by the OAS Secretary General in which he called the death of a Guatemalan logger reprehensible. Since the statement was issued, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been on the case and they have successfully had the OAS retract it and in fact, the Secretary General himself has admitted that he was misquoted. He called the shooting (in Spanish) "lamentable", which should have been translated to "lamentable" or "regrettable" but was wrongfully translated to mean "reprehensible". The COLA group, misguided as they always are, did not know of the developments and took to Belmopan.

The glory-hounds and attention-seekers in the organization somehow felt that they were doing something patriotic by burning an effigy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in front of the OAS headquarters in Belmopan. What the members of the 'Tail' did not know is that what they were supposedly advocating for had long since been achieved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was achieved through diplomatic channels and unlike COLA, the Ministry did not seek to glorify itself. It simply did what was right by the people of Belize; there was no need for a bonfire or the burning of any effigy.

A lesson to COLA, when you plan an event, it should be justified.