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Thursday, 26 July 2012 00:00

Elia GonzalezKenrick Williams, 34, will spend the remainder of his life time behind bars, after he was sentenced, on Wednesday, July 18th, for the 2004 murder of student, Elia Gonzales, 16, who was raped and strangled.

The sentence was handed down in Corozal Town by Justice, Dennis Hanomansingh.

During mitigation plea, Williams failed to provide character witnesses to speak on his behalf.

Williams also chose to remain silent leaving his attorney, Phillip Palacio, to speak on his behalf.

Palacio told the Court that Williams had been convicted of crimes such as theft, handling stolen goods, but none of a violent nature.

At the end of the trial, a jury of 12 people had returned with a guilty verdict, on Wednesday July 4th, after deliberating for over three hours.

On March 23rd, 2004, Gonzales had left the Corozal Community College compound and was heading home to Libertad Village. When she didn’t arrive home some hours later, her parents became concerned.

A missing person’s report was filed and on the following day, her body was found about 15 yards from a water reservoir.

Williams waited in the nearby bushes as Gonzales passed by. She was pulled in  by Williams, taken into the bushes and raped.

Unremorsefully, Williams took her shoe lace and then strangled her with it.

For a second time, Williams’ was on trial for Gonzales’ murder. His first trial had ended with a decision when 11 out of the 12 jurors found him guilty. A retrial was ordered since a unanimus verdict could not be reached.

In his defense, Williams had given police a caution statement in which he confessed to having sex with a female he referred to as “Liz”. He told police he and the girl had sexual intercourse secretly and that the teen was his girlfriend, but that he accidentally strangled her.

During the trial, Williams denied ever harming or having any sexual contact with Gonzalez.

The caution statement was used as evidence against him in the trial. Police has also found Williams in possession of a school ring.

A villager had testified that she had purchased the ring from Williams within half an hour after Gonzales’ disappearance.

Kaysia Grant prosecuted the case.