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Thursday, 02 August 2012 00:00

A number of bail applications were before the Court, on Thursday, July 27th. One of these included the case of Jose Méndez, who had been charged in May of this year, in relation to a small gas tank explosion in Orange Walk Town.
Jose Méndez appeared in the Supreme Court at around 1:30 p.m., accompanied by his attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley for bail hearing.

Bradley had made submissions on his behalf as to why he should be granted bail.

Méndez had been charged for wounding and arson after he had attempted to set the house of his common-law wife on fire, in Orange walk Town.

Reportedly, Méndez and his wife had gotten in an argument, where it was alleged that Méndez had hit her causing bruises in her face, eyes and hands.

Later on, the woman went to the police station and reported the incident, but when police arrived to pick up Méndez , he put up a fight and this was when he cut the hose connecting the stove to the tank.

 Méndez had also threatened to kill himself if he didn’t speak with his common-law wife.

During the whole ordeal, Méndez sustained burns to his upper body.

Following the incident, Méndez’s common-law wife appeared on the media stating that she was living in an abusive relationship whilst living with Méndez.