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Thursday, 02 August 2012 00:00

Collasped house and Briton Cardova (inset)Little Briton Cordova, 10, a student of Orange Walk Town, continues to fight for his life at the Karl Husner Memorial Hospital, after suffering from a cardiac arrest, when the wooden house he lived in, collapsed on him and another young boy.

According to the family, Briton’s prognosis has not gotten any better as the boy remains critical and is on a life support machine.

 Briton is currently suffering from a fractured neck, punctured lung, and a swollen brain.    

On Thursday, July 28, Yo Creek Street became the scene of a grueling attempt to try to save the lives of two boys, who were trapped under a house that had collapsed on them.

At around 9:00, on the morning of the incident, Cordova and his nephew, Jova Griffith, 7, were playing under the house with their four new-born puppies, when the structure suddenly came crashing down on top of them.

Cordova’s mother was inside and felt the violent shaking that ripped the interior walls apart, along with its ceiling. She also heard the screams of one of the boys who was trapped under the house, which was built roughly about 3 to 4 feet off the ground.

Neighbors were quick to give a helping hand. And with all the manpower available, they lifted the house and first pulled out Griffith to safety.

However, Cordova could not be located at first, and so, the flooring of the house was ripped apart until they were able to locate him.

Cordova was unresponsive, while Griffith complained of pain. Both children were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital, where Cordova’s condition did not improve.

Cordova was later transported to the Karl Husner Memorial Hospital via ambulance.

Griffith, who was more fortunate, remained at the NRH, where he was treated for injuries in his legs.

Two surviving puppies were extricated from the rubble, while the other two remaining were found dead.

And while an investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the causes of the collapse, neighbors said that it was just an incident waiting to occur since the house was not supported well by one of its main posts.
The incident was lamentable said one neighbor, who described Cordova as a jovial and disciplined child.

 The family had been living at the house for at least three years, but was unable to repair it because of financial impediments.

At least one influential resident has offered the family free housing until another house can be constructed.

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