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Thursday, 09 August 2012 00:00

Vilma RodriguezVilma Marlene Marina Rodriguez  Acosta, 41, a Honduran national, who had been residing on Collet Canal for the past four months, has been expelled from the country following a court order on Friday, August 3rd for her removal.

Acosta appeared before Magistrate, Adolph Lucas, Jr., where she told the court that she does not consider herself an immigrant because she came to Belize for medical reasons.

According to Immigration personnel, they had been aware of the alleged need for medical attention, and as such, they didn’t ask the Court to impose a fine. They mentioned that they were prepared to provide Acosta with temporary travelling documents.

The personnel agreed that they wanted Acosta to be returned to Honduras so she could get her documents together.

Acosta had been picked up by police on Thursday, August 2nd. An interrogation carried out by the police led them to discover that she had entered Belize through the Banks of the Mopan River  though, the point of entry remains undetermined.

Immigration personnel also found that Acosta has no form of documents including a passport, or a Social Security Card.

Acosta had been living in the City since April 20th.