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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 16 August 2012 00:00

PUP Women's GroupIt does not matter who the person is, what type of job one does, or even what country they live in; nobody should receive ,000 after 43 years of service to one organization. Unfortunately, the People’s United Party is not just any organization. They are “a criminal organization involved in politics” and ,000 is exactly what Doreth Bevans received after she was fired from the Belize Times after 43 years of service to the paper and even more in service to the party.

The Belize Times went underground after its last printed publication was released on Thursday, August 3rd. According to the Leader of the PUP, Francis Fonseca, the paper had been operating at a loss for the past few years and the party is no longer able to sustain those losses. Politicians predicted the collapse of the Belize Times shortly after the 2008 elections, based on the PUP’s record of mismanagement. However, what was surprising was the way they  have spiraled downward so disgracefully and kicking those most devoted to them out the door.  Along with Doreth Bevans, Rachel Kisling and Fay Castillo, who have worked with the Times for 19 and 17 years respectively, were also ungraciously sent to the curve with some pennies in their pockets.

Those three women have seen reporters and editors come and go at The Belize Times. They were The Belize Times. On Friday, August 10th, Said Musa proved to them what many Belizeans have known for a while. If you are not a Price, Musa, Usher or Fonseca, you are disposal material in the PUP. After Musa terminated those women and two other employees, he gave them a final cheque that amounted to a fraction of what they were due in notice, vacation and severance pay. When the women questioned the figures, he disrespected Miss Bevans by telling her that she should be grateful that he was taking care of her the whole time. When Bevans told him that she does not want the $5,000 because she does not deserve that after 43 years, he said that she can take him to the Labour Department if she wants. The three women went to the Labour Department on Monday, August 13th, and the Department is expected to launch an investigation into their claims.

During this time, not a word, statement or reaction has come from the PUP’s Women’s Group. When The Guardian questioned the character of one of their members, who had tasteless photos scattering across the social media the Women’s group marched and protested on the media and through the streets of Belize City. Now that Said Musa has abused three long-serving women of their party, not even a whisper has surfaced from the group. Where is the Nail that tried to physically assault the Editor of the Guardian? Where are Lisa, Carolyn and Wendy? Will they march towards the Women’s Department’s office this time? Who will protect the women of the PUP from the PUP??


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