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Thursday, 16 August 2012 00:00

Hiram LongsworthMore and more, the country of Mexico is falling into the clutches of drug dealers and criminals and a Belizean car dealer fell prey to the wonton disregard for law and order. The Guardian spoke to Hiram Longsworth, the Security Manager at the Belize City Council but who also doubles as a car dealer in his spare time. Longsworth who is in Mexico, relayed a horrifying ordeal he had at the hands of criminals in Mexico.

He told us that on Monday, August 13th, he was making his way to Belize through Mexico in a Blue Bird bus, which he had purchased in the U.S. While he was driving the bus he was also towing a Ford Escape with the bus. Longsworth says that he was travelling through the Mexican State of Matamoros when suddenly an SUV approached him at high speed and forced him to pull over. Immediately, three men carrying AK-47 assault rifles jumped out of the vehicle and boarded the bus. He was forced off the bus and one of the men commandeered the bus. Longsworth says he tried to offer the gunmen money but the refused it. Instead, they only took the bus and drove off with it in the opposite direction. While doing so, because of the speed that the men were travelling in, it caused the Ford Escape to be wrongly towed totally destroying it.

It was a scary encounter for Longsworth and he says he lost thousands of dollars having lost both vehicles as well as other purchases he had made in the U.S., which he had inside the bus. He however is thankful that he did not lose his life in the encounter and is now concentrating on trying to make his way back home. He added that while he lost one bus, he is returning home with another which was heading back to Belize along with Longsworth but being driven by someone else who had a 15-minute delay behind him. That driver was the one who assisted him and now Longsworth and about 15 other dealers are returning back to Belize.