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Thursday, 30 August 2012 00:00

Finishing touches being put on Patricia Slusher’s homeOn Tuesda, August 28th, The Guardian Newspaper visited Patricia Slusher at the far end of Albert Street. She was at home and in high spirits as three workers from the Belize City Council were about her yard and around her house putting the finishing touches to paint work being done on her house.

Slusher is one of at least 20 home and business owners, who will have their houses spruced up by the Belize City Council. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the idea is to have residents be included in the overall transformation of the city. Currently, there is major infrastructural work taking place and the program called the "Fix-up and Paint-up downtown Belize City" is tied in to the overall upliftment program.

Phillip Singh, Community Outreach officer for the Belize City Council, says that they have identified 20 houses which will receive a paint job. Among these buildings, there will also be a component for small repairs to be done to some of the houses. Currently, there are 10 workers, who have been retained through the Belize City Council and a staggered number of other workers from the Conscious Youth Development Program doing the work. Depending on the area being worked on, the CYDP provides young men to do the work.

Singh says that while they have identified 20 houses which will undergo a paint job, there are plans to do as many as 50 houses in the downtown area. The main streets being targeted are Albert Street, Regent Street and Southern Foreshore. The Council is currently looking for people to work with the program to enhance the numbers that are currently employed.

Mayor Bradley says that within the next 2 weeks there should be a visible impact on the look of the downtown area of Belize City through the painting program.