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Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:00

Stalls at the MarketThere seems to be no end to the destructive nature of Orange Walk Mayor as he is back to his old deeds. In May of this year, The Guardian pointed out that the Orange Walk Town Council under the leadership of Mayor Kevin Bernard took to tearing down newly constructed stalls that were to have been used to accommodate market vendors in that municipality. At the time ,the public outcry was met with further disdain when a week after zinc from the stalls were taken down they were replaced with coconut leaves.

Since that time, all had quieted down despite the fact that there is still no accounting of the sheets of new zinc which were taken off the roof of the structures. Even so, the memory of the destructive mayor’s behavior is fading as the structure is now but a reminder of better days albeit that the roof of most of it is still missing. Well, no sooner had the town of Orange Walk resigned itself that it will have to live with the remains of the structure than Mayor Bernard was back at it again.

Like a thief in the night, slowly he ordered work crews to once again pick at the market extension. We are not certain what has re-inspired the mayor to return to his old habits, maybe someone is in need of more zinc and the source of that has been identified as the stalls. No matter what the cause, earlier this week, work crews were back at it and now all the zinc has been removed and they have started to work on the supporting beams of the roof. Slowly but surely, the entire structures are being brought down.

Even as the Orange Walk Town Council cannot meet payroll and other expenditure, the Mayor keeps on dismantling what was sure to be a great income generator for the Town Council.

Under the previous UDP town council 19 stalls were constructed in two months at a cost of 25 thousand dollars and it was projected that it would have brought in $1,500 monthly in revenue to the council.

This kind of senseless behaviour has become the trademark of the PUP Mayor who is unable to meet bills, has been unable to maintain the council's heavy equipment, and is unable to keep up with the maintenance of the streets and drains in that municipality.