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Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:00

Senior carnival Queen (photo - Will Moreno)On Saturday, September 1st, residents of Belize City got into full September Celebrations gear as the Carnival King and Queen competition took place at the MCC grounds. A total of 34 kings and queens contested against one another for four hours for the right to be the overall winner.

In the Junior queen competition, 5 bands submitted 8 competitors. Jump Street Posse presented Cinderella and Queen Agatha; Western Paradise presented Florecenta and Queen Aquaria; Black Pearl presented Tropical Queen; Sunshine Masqueraders presented Mayan Rain Goddess, and Pickstock Carnival Band presented Queen Fauni and Queen Florasol. At the end of the competition, Sunshine Masqueraders' Mayan Rain Goddess took home the first place. Second place went to Pickstock Carnival Band – Queen Fauna and the Third Place was captured by Western Paradise – Queen Florecenta.

In the Junior King Category, there were 6 entrants by 4 bands. Jump Street Posse presented Prince Kent and Gus while Western Paradise presented King Crude and Mr. Electircity. Black Pearl, for its part, featured Prince of the Wild. Sunshine Masqueraders depicted Mayan Moon God while Pickstock Carnival band presented King Jungle-la. In that competition Jump Street Posse's King Kent took home the first place with the second place going to Jump Street Posse – King Gus; and third place to went to Sunshine Masqueraders – Mayan Moon God.

First place finishers in the Junior King and Queen competition took home 4 thousand dollars; second place received 3 thousand dollars and third place got 2 thousand dollars.

The competition continued with the Senior King and Queen which saw 11 entrants in the Queen category and 9 in the King Category. Participating this year in the Queen competition were Mother Nature's Creation who presented Queen Fierra and Queen L'Patria; Soca Warriors presented Queen Ixchel; Mahogany Masqueraders presented Dame Loraine and Queen Ruby; Eternity Mas Band presented Cleopatra White and Queen 4G; Oceana Soca Moca presented Queen Syrena and Queen Tia Dalma while Belizean Jewels presented Queen Shawn and Queen Sarah. At the end of fierce competition, it was Mahogany Masqueraders who took home the first prize with their Queen Ruby. Second place went to Soca Warriors – Queen Ixchel and third place was taken by Oceana Soca Moca – Queen Tia Dalma.

The Senior King Competition also saw fierce competition with 6 bands submitting 9 competitors. Mother Nature presented King Combo; Soca Warriors presented King Pablo; Mahogany Masqueraders presented King Independence and King Cashka; Eternity Masqueraders' competitor was Allan Usher and Gilbert Tablada; Oceana Soca Moca entered King Kraken and King Davey Jones; and Belizean Jewels presented King Stanley. At the completion of the competition, Mother Nature's King Combo took home first place. Second place went to Oceana Soca Moca – King Kraken while third was taken by Mahogany Masqueraders – King Cashka.

In the senior King and Queen competition first place finishers got  5 thousand dollars, second place received 3 thousand dollars and third place got 2 thousand dollars.

All the costumes were awarded points based on the costumes’ design, presentation, mobility and flexibility and how it depicted the costume's theme. There were also points awarded for the player's carnival spirit of the player.

Also selected at the Carnival King and Queen Competition was the Soca DJ competition winner who is no other than Wave Radio’s Floyd “Pinky” Flowers.