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Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:00

Queen of the Bay 2012 - Yadira ArguetaThe 67th Queen of the Bay pageant was held at the Birds Isle on Saturday, September 1st. The Queen of the Bay title is the most prestigious of Belizean pageantry because it is synonymous with Belizean nationalism. According to local historians, it started back in 1946 when Guatemalan warships were seen in the harbour of Belizean waters. Public Meetings were held to discuss the threat and seek help from Great Britain. During those same meetings, the Loyal and Patriotic Order of the Bay (LPOB) was formed. Nothing developed from the Guatemalan threat but the LPOB had the desire to show Guatemala that we are different here on this settlement and we are a proud people. Therefore, the idea arose to start the Queen of the Bay Pageant.

The first Queen of the Bay was Rita Lewis in 1946. There has been a Queen of the Bay Pageant every year for the last 66 years. The current Queen of the Bay is Amanda Taylor. She is as strong as the Mahogany Tree but as flexible and tough as a pine tree. She is sweet like the oranges and the sugar but as pure as the waters and she shines beauty from within. Taylor is a symbol of our freedom and she inspires patriotic love. The 67th Queen of the Bay, like all before her, must possess similar qualities to rule over the bay.

After this year’s contestants were judged based on their patriotism, talent and gracefulness, Queen Amanda’s five advisors (pageant judges) narrowed the field to three gorgeous young ladies. Yadira Argueta, who represented the Stann Creek District, was selected as the most fit to be the symbol of love for the jewel. If there is any reason she is unable to carry out her duties as Queen of the Bay, Ivory Mendez, Queen of the Bay Corozal, will act as our source of nationalistic inspiration. Gorlee Marin, Miss Caribbean Sea, also impressed the Queen and her advisors. She is the second runner up to Queen of the Bay Designate, Miss Yadira Argueta.