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Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:00

The government is currently in the process of renegotiating the Superbond. And even as it does, it appears that there are those at home who would rather the Belizean people be saddled with this enormous debt which we simply cannot pay. Among those who it appears would rather the people pay and pay dearly for the Superbond is Channel 5.

On Monday, they ran one of those dubious polls that they are known to run on their newscast. Their question was daring, "Should GOB increase taxes to pay for the super bond?" but more so was the supposed reply that Belizeans gave to the television station. According to them, over two thousand persons participated in the poll and 75% voted for a tax increase; the remaining 27% were against it. Can anyone figure this one out? It certainly appeared strange that a company whose owner refused to pay taxes to the Government of Belize is trying to spin this sentiment that Belizeans want to pay more taxes in order to pay off the Superbond. You can feed that bone to another dog!

 The Belizean people have long given up on the notion that Channel 5 is an unbiased television station. Time and again, we have seen their polls and the way they try to sway public opinion against the government. They have polls but when the ordinary person tries to vote, it is rejected if it is not a vote in the direction that they want to go. Now the recent poll shows just this. Let's be real, on an ordinary day Belizeans or any human beings don't want to have money deducted from their salaries for any reason and even more so to pay taxes. Whoever at Channel 5 hatched up the question and formatted the answer to show that Belizeans want to pay more taxes to service a debt for which we have nothing to show is clearly high on something.

But even as Channel 5 tries to push this agenda the negotiations are taking place. Maybe Channel 5 can pay more taxes on their own, that would be helpful. As for the rest of the Belizean public,- the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow has committed that he will not be increasing taxes on the Belizean people.