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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:00

There are five (5) junior bands participating in the Carnival Road March this year. Those are Black Pearl, Jump Street, Pickstock Carnival Band, Sunshine Masqueraders and Western Paradise. There are eight (8) senior bands. Those are Belizean Jewel, Erotic, Eternity Mas Band, Gabriel’s Majix, Mahogany Masqueraders, Mother Nature Creation, Oceana Soca Moca and Soca Warriors.

Carnival 2012 kicks off from Caesar Ridge Road at 1 p.m. However, for many Belizean adults, Carnival festivities begin on Friday night. That is when the party truly starts. Some go to the clubs and party until morning. Some visit the preparation sites and throw their own little party. Friday night plans may vary; however, there is one plan for 5 o’ clock Saturday morning. That is when everyone gathers on the Bel-Can Bridge for Jouvert. Jouvert is the Carnival appetizer. Those in the celebration spirit dance up the Central American Boulevard, down Cemetery Road, unto West Canal, across the Vernon Street Bridge and continued towards a right turn at Youth for the Future Drive, up Cleghorn Street then left to Freetown Road and conclude at the Roundabout. During this time, there is mudslinging of the best sort as participants paste each other with mud, chocolate and other products to remind one that they must forget about outward appearance and embrace the celebratory spirit.

After the Jouvert, some of the participants go home to bathe and sleep. However, those with great endurance wash themselves off in the river or sea and continue to party throughout the day. The Carnival Road March will finish at the BTL Park where there will be an official after party. WAVE Television will have full coverage of the Road March starting at midday on Saturday.