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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

Baby Kaylee Burgess, deceasedMurder charges are expected to be lain on the aunt of 2-year-old baby Kaylee Burgess. The charges come after the toddler was found dead inside a bucket at around 11:30 on Wednesday night.

But the child's death is prefaced by a string of allegations and counter allegations between the child's mother, Deidre Pratt and her father, Kevin Burgess. Sometime after 10 on Tuesday night, it is alleged that Deidre Pratt made her way to her ex-common law husband's house and set it on fire. An hour later, he is said to have gone to Pratt mother's house and punched three louvers causing damages to them.

After the allegations Pratt was detained by police and was released by 10 on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, Martha Mejia, who is Pratt's mother, had already made a report against Burgess for damage to property. By 9p.m. also on Wednesday, he was picked up by police as they investigated the report made by Mejia as well as another, which was made against him for kidnapping his two-year-old daughter Kaylee.  

Even as the parents went through their troubles, Kaylee had gone missing and it was not until after 11:30, that she was found dead inside a bucket at the home of Pratt's mother. A post mortem conducted on the baby girl has determined that she died as a result of suffocation. Police pathologist Dr. Mario Estradabran put the time of the child's death at sometime around 6 on Wednesday evening. Adding even more speculation to the incident is that family members had gathered at Dr. Estradabran's house following the outcome of the post mortem on Friday. Police had to be called in and the family members left the area.

While charges were expected to be lain on Wednesday, up to press time no such charges had been filed.