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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

PM Dean Barrow meets “Lova Boy”Daniel “Lova Boy” Cacho started the year by taking home the Belize Music Award for Best Song, “Tornado”. That is after he had been blowing up the radio waves for months. Since taking home that award, Lova Boy has continued to burn hot. He is now THE must see Belizean entertainer – surpassing the General, who also is scheduled to release a hot new album soon. Lova Boy has been the headliner of every national celebratory event in Belize and did all that while transforming the name Lova Boy from an entertainer into a viable brand. Not even Daniel Cacho  himself could have imagined the amount of success he would experience in such a short time but with all the accomplishments, Lova Boy was most proud when the Prime Minister of Belize invited him to his Belize City office on Friday, September 7th.

Lova Boy was appearing on various morning talk sho-ws on Friday with Deputy Mayor Dion Leslie as they were promoting the scheduled festivities for the weekend in Belize City when he got word that Prime Minister Barrow had requested to see him. Lova Boy said he was very excited and anxious from the time he got the message, around 10 a.m., to the time he walked into the elevator of the Whitfield Tower. His excitement was so off the charts that while he was just waiting in a couch for the Prime Minister to come greet him, he pulled out a pocket camera and said, “Tek mi picha, tek mi picha!” Prime Minister Barrow came out seconds later and invited him into a room in which he had sit down and dialogued with countless Heads of State and foreign diplomats on issues ranging from that of national security to foreign trade.

 The conversation was cordial and casual between the top artist and top public servant of the country. Lova Boy spoke to PM Barrow about his take on the current state of Belizean entertainment. He said that Belize has a lot of talent but people seem to be reluctant to establish their own identities; therefore, there are a lot of copy cats and most tracks sound the same. He also believes that there needs to be greater quality control. Belize is the only country where any artist can get their record played on the radio. That clouds the airwaves with quantity and true quality might slip under the radar with the rest. He explained that he is realizing his dream of going beyond the music industry. His clothing line has made him more money than his songs on iTunes. PM Barrow loves the name of his clothing line, RED, which stands for Ready Every Day. PM Barrow spoke about his wife's improved conditions and his ongoing struggle with back pain. He spoke to Lova Boy about the strength his family has gained from the support of the Belizean people during extremely difficult times. Both men then watched Lova Boy’s video entitled “Beautiful”, which he said was inspired by Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow. Lova Boy wished to meet her but she was away receiving radiation treatment in the United States. However, they decided to get together once again when Lova Boy returns to Belize for the Independence celebration.
Lova Boy gave the Prime Minister autographed copies of his latest poster, CD and DVD.