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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

Oily Turtle (photo - San Pedro Sun)With the ongoing legal and public relation battles that Oceana has brought against the government of Belize over offshore drilling, it seemed a bit too coincidental that a green turtle was found completely covered in crude oil on July 24th. The San Pedro Sun had reported that the turtle was found in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve completely covered in oil. At the time the newspaper reported that marine biologists pointed out that the turtle could not have been out at sea for a long period of time since it could not have survived under the conditions it was found. Speculation was that the turtle came in contact with the crude oil a short time before it was found and that it must have been through a natural oil seepage nearby.

A month after the turtle was found, it was released back where it was found on August 29th and still it has not been determined where the turtle picked up the crude oil from. Now there are many left speculating whether the turtle wasn't intentionally dipped in crude oil and put out at sea as a stunt to scare Belizeans.