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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

Black Pearl won in the Junior category Road MarchBelize City streets were unusually busy a little after 2:30 on Saturday morning, September 8th, as scores of residents were making their way towards the Bel-Can Bridge for the start of Jouvert 2012. Though the jouvert was not scheduled to start until 5 a.m., at 4 o’ clock in front of the Save-U parking lot was already filled with excited people. The early turnout may have been directly related to the city’s new 2 o’ clock club policy. Less designer clothes were damaged in this year’s jouvert since club goers used the extra two hours to change their clothes. By 4:30 a.m., mud was being tossed at people. Some came out already pasted with mud and some came out covered in chocolate. As 5 o’ clock approached, people started to decide which truck to follow as there were at least three trucks to choose from. At 5, the horns blew and the jouvert was off.

Belizeans and visitors of various races, age and background danced with each other through the streets of Belize City. As the jouvert passed Central American Boulevard, more people started to enter. By the time the turn at Cemetery Road was made, the sun had already peeked out. Nevertheless, people continued to join as the celebration continued unto West Canal, across the Vernon Street Bridge and right into Youth for the Future Drive. By the time the crowd had reached the Bel-China Bridge, it was the truck featuring Alfrain Supaul that had drawn the biggest crowd. That crowd grew more and more as it made its way up Cleghorn Street then left into Freetown Road. The jouvert ended at the flag monument roundabout. There were at least a couple thousand people in jouvert 2012. After jouvert ended, some washed themselves off in the river near Bel-Can Bridge. Some people got into their vehicles and headed home while others continued dancing through the streets as the trucks continued to their final destinations. One truck led a group all the way to the Port of Belize area. Most people rested after jouvert to get ready for the Carnival Road March.

The Carnival Road March was scheduled to start at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Some team leaders were out on Caesar Ridge Road from before 11 a.m. Most revelers came out around 12 noon. Between 12 and 1, the Carnival Association organized the groups and counted the revelers for each. To compete for the Carnival Road March title, all junior bands must have at least 75 revelers, and all senior bands must have at least 100. If a band does not meet the required amount of revelers they will participate in the Carnival under the small bands category and not as a Road March contender. After the revelers were counted, all 13 bands were qualified to compete in the Carnival Road March. The 5 junior bands were Black Pearl, Jump Street Posse, Pickstock Carnival Band, Sunshine Masqueraders and Western Paradise. The 8 senior bands were Belizean Jewel, Erotic, Eternity Mas Band, Gabriel’s Majix, Mahogany Masqueraders, Mother Nature Creation, Oceana Soca Moca and Soca Warriors. Though Caesar Ridge Road looked extremely chaotic at times between 12 and 1 p.m. on Saturday, the Carnival Road March moved off on schedule and did so smoothly.

Again, the junior bands led the way. Junior bands included children as young as 3-years-old. They are usually bursting with energy at the start of the road march. Though the majority of them usually complete the route, the best they have to offer is seen at the first half of the Road March. That’s why, they are judged on the Central American Boulevard in front of Trinity Street. Junior bands are choreographed. They dance steps to the latest soca songs. They are judged based on several criteria including theme presentation, energy and costume longevity. The senior bands are more freestylers. Their best is usually seen later in the Road March after the spirits kick in. They are judged on the Central American Boulevard near the Belize City Center.

The road march ended at the BTL Park and the Carnival Committee announced the winners. In the junior category the winner of the road march was Black Pearl and the Mahogany Masqueraders won in the senior competition.

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