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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 00:00

Norval BelisleUniversity of Belize student, 21-year-old Norval Gilbert Belisle met his untimely death on Saturday at around 12:45a.m. in Belmopan after he attempted to part a fight that had broken out outside of La Cabana Bar. Reports by police indicate that Belisle was in the company of three of his friends, identified as Drachir Reid, Kirk Morgan and Herbert Francis on a street behind the nightclub when they got involved in a fistfight with four other young men who were in the area. During the fistfight, one of the young men got hold of a pint bottle and broke it. Reports are that Belisle was attempting to part the fight when the young man with the bottle stabbed him in the neck.

Belisle was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital for medical attention and died at around midday on Saturday. Police are continuing their investigations into this matter and are yet to make an arrest and charge anyone for the murder. For family members, however, it is an extremely difficult situation to deal with as Belisle was not a known troublemaker, in fact he was known for exactly what he reportedly try to do on the night of his death.