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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 00:00

Two brothers were shot at and one died after they had visited their father on Jane Usher Boulevard. Andrew Usher, Jr., along with his brother, Jordan Usher, had gone to visit their father Andrew Usher Sr. They stayed at their father's house for about fifteen minutes after which they left on a motor scooter. As they were leaving, they were met by a dark complexioned man dressed in full black. As the man intercepted them, he pulled out a chrome handgun and opened fired on them causing them to fall off the scooter.

During the shooting, Jordan, who had received a gunshot to the right leg, managed to run for cover and hid in some nearby bushes however, his brother was not as lucky and the gunman stood over Andrew and shot him as many as 8 times. He received three gunshots to the chest, two to the right armpit, one to the left hand, one to the upper rib cage and one to the right arm. Andrew died shortly thereafter as a result of the injuries. His brother Jordan, was treated for the gunshot to the leg.

Police continue their investigation in this latest homicide.