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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 00:00

Buses pick up passengers near Pollotti High SchoolOn Tuesday, September 18th The Guardian called, Minister with responsibility of Transport, Hon. Edmund Castro for his comment on the current bus situation. Before he could give us the interview, he noted that as he was speaking to The Guardian he was on the Western Highway where he found a Shaw Bus on the side of the road where it had suffered a blowout to the front driver's side tire. The incident happened at around Mile 32 on the highway.

Hon. Castro said that inspections of the bus proved that it did not have a spanner or a jack; in fact, the driver had to borrow these tools from an oil tanker with license plate number A-00221 which was heading to Belmopan. Even after the spare tire was put on, it proved that it was too worn for it to be classed as being safe to travel. A backup was then called for from Mahogany Heights and when that one arrived, the license was expired in August and that bus too was not allowed to continue the trip. Passengers had to be inconvenienced that much longer and a third bus had to be called in from Belmopan to take commuters to their final destination.

Hon. Castro explained that this is the kind of sub-standard service that the commuters have to contend with on a daily basis and it is simply unacceptable to have Belizeans treated in this manner. Now, the bus Association, and in particular the president who happens to be the owner of Shaw's Bus line has been one of the most vocal persons however, he himself has been unable to sort out his own internal problems and now pretends to try to solve those of an entire industry.