New School Bags for the School New Year Hon. Saldivar Invests in Education of Belmopan Children Print E-mail
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Thursday, 04 October 2012 00:00

Hon. John Saldivar distributers school bags to childrenIt’s been roughly one month since primary schools reopened around the country, but many students in the Belmopan Constituency are still experiencing the thrill of newness that normally accompanies the first day of the school year. That is because, thanks to their Area Representative, Hon. John Saldivar, close to a thousand (1,000) primary school students in the Belmopan area are receiving brand new school bags.

Last week, Hon. Saldivar personally delivered new school bags to students at St. Michael’s Roman Catholic School in the Las Flores Community. Earlier this week, school bags were delivered to students of Kuslin Ha Government School in the Maya Mopan area, that presentation being made on behalf of Hon. Saldivar by the Minister’s aide, Mr. Steven Obrien.   

The timing of the presentations had to do with the fact that Hon. Saldivar wanted to ensure that the students, who received the assistance, were those that most needed it. In all instances, the names were submitted by teachers and principals of the respective schools, based on their observations during the first couple weeks of school as to which students were visibly in need.  

Hon. John Saldivar reiterated the fact that education is a top priority of this UDP Administration, and he noted that as a representative of the people, it is his responsibility to ensure that all the children in his constituency are afforded every opportunity and incentive to stay in school, and be properly educated in order that they become an asset to the nation as productive citizens.  Hon. Saldivar believes that if the children aren’t provided for, they would become a liability rather than a liability as would be the case should they be allowed to fall victim to the vulnerabilities of violence and crime, which currently represent one of the greatest threats to our society.