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Thursday, 04 October 2012 00:00

On Wednesday of last week, the House of Representatives met to pass legislation to encourage American Sugar Refineries to invest over 100 million U.S dollars in the sugar industry. It was an extremely important meeting, and as such it was expected that a healthy debate would have taken place over the investment and some even prayed that the opposition, People's United Party would have supported the investment. But instead of doing so, all they did was whine and moan about the investment and pretended to care about the industry. They went as far as to speak for the cane farmers stating that they were not in agreement of the new investment.  But everyone knows that is the furthest thing from the truth. If indeed the farmers were not in support of the investment, theirs would have been the first voices of dissatisfaction to have been heard. Instead there was none.

For the PUP to have disrespected the nation in the manner in which they did is simply unacceptable. When it suits them, they shake their fists in the air demanding that the Government attract investment into the country and when it doesn't, they balk at the major investment that ASR is doing. PUP representative after PUP representative stood up in disagreement with the investment, yet they could come up with not a single recommendation through the industry can be saved. They lamented and cried in desperation claiming that the incentives given to ASR would negatively affect the cane farmers - Puras mentiras! - Pure lies’. This Government has been offering incentives to the cane farmers including extension services through the Ministry of Agriculture, duty-free fuel for those who haul cane, even licensing fees are waved for them. Don't the PUP know this?

But not knowing and knowingly deceiving the Belizean people are both unforgivable. As representatives, they should know the facts and should not deceive. But when it comes to the PUP, anything is game especially when it comes to misleading. That aside however, they carried on with their arguments and in the end it was, as Shakespeare would say it, 'a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!' As they vented, they came up with nothing and in the end, the de-facto leader of the PUP got up and the minions followed. That's right, Said Musa it appears, has taken control of the PUP and instructed them all to walk out. It must have been Francis' saddest day to have seen himself losing control of a party for which he is supposed to be  the leader. Really sad, but the truth is that Francis has never really been the leader or a leader of any type.