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Thursday, 11 October 2012 00:00

A man believed to be a Guatemalan national was shot and killed in the Chiquibul forest reserve by a BDF Soldier.

Police report that on Friday, October 5th, they visited the Ceibo Chico Area in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve where they found the lifeless body of a man, who is believed to be a Guatemalan national. The body was clad in a greet shirt and blue jeans and a pair of rubber boots and has a tattoo with the marking 'Foy' on the right arm. The man was found about 175 feet into a feeder road in the area.

Investigations by police indicate that at around 11:30 on Thursday, October 4th a BDF Soldier and Forestry Officer were in the area doing spot checks when the soldier saw the man in the bushes. He followed the man, who was carrying a wooden box on his shoulder and had a machete in his right hand. Reports say the soldier ordered the man to stop however, he threw the box down and turned around. Again, the man was ordered to stop and throw down the machete however, he did not comply and advanced towards the soldier. This forced the soldier to fire at least 6 warning shots and took cover but the man continued to advance forcing the soldier to shoot him when he had reached about two feet from him.

The man was hit under the chin and to the right upper part of his back.

An OAS representative and a member of the Guatemalan consulate were taken to the area and the scene was processed in their presence. four expended 5.56 shells, a machete, and a wooden box were retrieved from the scene as exhibit. The body was secured near the Observation Post for the night and was later transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital morgue.

While Belizean authorities are yet to identify the body, the Sunday, October 14th edition of Guatemala's Prensa Libre has identified him as 35-year-old Francisco Quim Cab, a resident of Montes de los Olivos in Dolores. According to the newspaper, Cab was in the area along with another Guatemalan man identified as Mario Caal, who fled when he saw the Belizean authorities. They were both in the area supposedly panning for gold.