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Thursday, 11 October 2012 00:00

Jasmine Lowe, Suzenne Martinez and Maritza SantosThe San Ignacio and Santa Elena communities were once again publicly protesting the death of yet another young woman, 20 year-old, Suzenne Martinez, who was found dead in the morning of October 3rd. The killing has once again sparked the Cayo community to action and had them once again take to the park in front of the San Ignacio Police Station on Thursday, October 4th and again on Monday, October 8th. The residents came out because the man that was the primary suspect in the killing was not charged for the crime. He was instead transferred to the Belmopan Police Formation where he was charged for handling stolen goods and also investigated in the murder of a Belmopan resident, Robert Stephen Lewis.

 The protest was similar to the one that took place in the case of 13-year-old Jasmine Lowe, whose body was found on June 6th in the outskirts of San Ignacio town. At the time, the killing raised a wave of sentiments including candlelight vigils and a massive demonstration in front of the police station on June 20th when her alleged killer, Bert Vasquez was taken before a Magistrate and charged for murder.

And while the nation looked on as protestors were out in force to demonstrate and demand justice for the two deaths, lost among those who organized the protests was Maritza Santos. She was a 19- year-old young lady who was also viciously killed, allegedly by her boyfriend who, after killing her attempted to take his own life and had to be taken out of the country to receive medical attention. The placards at the protest sought justice for Jasmine and Suzenne, but what about Maritza Santos? Have the people of Cayo forgotten about her and her alleged killer?

Santos was killed on September 23rd, and since that time, the alleged killer remains out of the country and is yet to face charges. To the organizers of the demonstrations and even to those who take time out to vent their dissatisfaction, remember Maritza. She too deserves justice. The next time that the protestors go out, hopefully, they will remember that she too was brutally killed and justice also be demanded for her murder.