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Thursday, 18 October 2012 00:00

Nimrod Tillett and Enrique CastilloThe gruesome and brutal murder of Enrique Castillo on February 13th, 2009, inside his home in Orange Walk Town shocked many especially, his loved ones. While they admitted that his sexual preference contributed to his death back in 2009, the verdict on Wednesday, October 17th shocked them even more as the man accused of his murder was acquitted in the Corozal Supreme Court.

23-year-old Nimrod Tillett, who had been charged for the murder, was acquitted before  Justice Denis S. Hanomansingh. During the trial the judge ruled during a voir dire that a confession by Tillett in which he admitted to killing Castillo was inadmissible as evidence.

This was the only piece of evidence that the prosecutor, Christopher Rodriguez of the DPP’s office was relying on to seal a conviction against Tilllett. After the ruling, Rodriguez closed his case with no other evidence to present to the jurors. With that, Tillett’s attorney, Leo Bradley made a no case submission asking the judge to direct the jurors to return a not guilty verdict, which they did.

In making his ruling, Justice Hanomansingh noted that the prosecution was unable to prove that the accused gave the caution statement voluntarily and in accordance with Section 90 of the Evidence Act of Belize.

In the voir dire, Prosecutor Rodriguez had called several witnesses, mostly police officers including Vidal Cajun, Alito Can, the officer who recorded the alleged caution statement; JP Roy Perrera; Cpl. Jeffery Williams, the investigating officer and a police Sgt. Ortega, whom the accused claimed gave orders to other police officers to beat him, which they did.

Justice Hanomansingh was of the opinion that the only piece of evidence was not willingly obtained from the accused and he ruled the caution statement inadmissible.

 On February 12th, 2009, there was an apparent party at Castillo’s home located on the Belize-Orange Walk Road in Orange Walk Town. He was found at 9:15 a.m., on the following morning by his sister, who found it strange that she never got a response from Castillo after she knocked on the window of his room for him to let her in.

He was found nude in his kitchen floor in a pool of blood. His throat was believed to have been cut with a knife and he was beaten badly with what police believe was a bat.

Enrique Castillo was 44. He worked on Caye Chapel. His family strongly believed that two men had to have committed the crime but police had only arrested and charged Tillett alone for murder.